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Barn21 Music is a monthly series which showcases the best music I’ve come across in the past thirty days. Each edition consists of an eleven song playlist, which you can listen to here on the site or on Spotify. In general you’ll find upbeat songs with engaging lyrics and a strong, catchy melody and rhythm. However, my preferences vary over a wide spectrum so expect some surprises. Click on the artist’s name to visit their Spotify page and discover more of their music, and check back on the first Tuesday of each month for your new playlist. Happy listening!

December 2018
My big hitters, hitting big
November 2018
Joy like this
October 2018
Butterflies in October?!
September 2018
Stretching out the summer
August 2018
Live to the beat
July 2018
Dead central summer
June 2018
Reflection, farewells and hellos
May 2018
Summer music's always better
April 2018
Shooting into spring
March 2018
Banish those winter blues
February 2018
Pancakes and possibilities
January 2018
New year, new music
December 2017
No jingling bells, I promise
November 2017
Siempre es el verano en España
October 2017
Fresh optimism
August 2017
It's been eclectic
July 2017
Energy, energy and more energy
June 2017
A dose of summer positivity