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Project Journal: Pier And Dance Hall Space Planning
Over the past three days I have been attempting to cram the variety of spaces that have been outlined in the brief into a coherent design that fits with my concept of distillation. The major difficulty of this task, which I imagine applies to all projects, is that the interior design affects the exterior design, and as a result I don’t know which to start with.
Since the arrangement of interior space is arguably more important than the exterior aesthetic I have primarily concentrated on the building uses. The first page I completed was messy, with the bubble diagrams leading down dead ends. I chose to scrap this page, and despite subconsciously learning a lot I was frustrated at the end of the day.

Yesterday was more successful. I had a clearer idea in mind for the organisation of the building, and had planned out the page layout the night before. I decided to consider the building through the viewpoint of the different users: senior staff, junior staff, performers and the public. This lead to more focused bubble diagrams which I have continued to develop today with specific level changes and more suitable room sizing. I’m still concerned that the dance centre will be too large, however I can’t currently find any spaces that can be reduced. Slowly the dance hall is becoming refined, and despite this process taking a relatively long time I’m not too concerned as space planning is one of the most difficult and important parts of a project.
With only a few small changes to make to the dance hall bubble diagrams before moving onto more concrete diagrams, I was able to start exploring the exterior of the building. Perspectives are a drawing style I struggle with so I was apprehensive before starting. After reading up on some techniques and using a horizon line which I’ve never done before, the drawings have turned out better than I expected. The closer perspective is more successful than the longer view, however the latter does serve it’s purpose of showing the scale of the pier, towers and dance hall.