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Project Journal: Pier And Dance Hall Design Decisions
Over the Easter Weekend my output fell drastically. This was mainly due to family visiting, but also because I’ve hit a sticking point in my work. I am relatively happy with my design, however since it is quite complicated I fear my tutor may not be able to grasp how it relates to the site or my concept. This has lead to apprehension and mistrust in the quality of my ideas, especially since I had to radically change my design after over-reaching with an unsuitable form in the last project. Most of my previous projects have been conservative, so I’m trying to push myself. After all, first year doesn’t count towards the final degree grade.
Producing two more perspectives since Wednesday allowed me to finish the initial renders page. I may use similar styling in my final design renders, since the clean and refined look of the drawings suit my theme of distillation. I have learn a lot about drawing in perspective through making this page, mainly from a book by Francis D K Ching called Architectural Graphics. I’d highly recommend his books; despite being quite light they’re a good introduction to a number of aspects of architecture with countless examples and not much text.
In order to clearly display my thought process I have begun a design decisions page. It contains an eclectic mix of diagrams, media and drawing types which should justify each of my choices and relate the design to my concept. I have put a lot of thought and consideration into the dance hall and pier, although I am finding it quite hard to present my process and links in a clear, concise and attractive way. With two weeks of work remaining I don’t want to push too far with the design to then be told to change it all in the interim review.