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Project Journal: Pier and Dance Hall Final Drawings
Since my models' safe arrival back in Liverpool (read about them here), I have been very busy. The interim review was just three days after the end of the Easter break, so there was no gentle introduction back into the course. My review went well, and the additions that were suggested by the tutor and guest reviewer were justified and useful. Their proposals included:
  • A final ‘sketch’ of my design in a similar style to my initial site sketches, focusing on my theme of distillation
  • Final renders that animate the project, with the inclusion of people, birds and benches etc.
  • Consideration of glare control through the large south facing window
  • Alteration of the bar/cafe area to make the lobby smaller and facilitate outside seating
Since I have not yet started final renders and sketches, the first two bullet points have not yet been met. However, in Monday’s tutorial my tutor and I discussed the suggestions and set about improving the design. One of the major changes I have made is shortening the bar/cafe area. This allowed the open lobby space to become a more reasonable size, and freed up space infront of the dance hall for large metre wide steps on which users of the pier can sit and observe the main meeting area. Another alteration was the movement of the toilets to the bar/cafe area. Through this repositioning they are more accessible to the public, the distinction between public and performer spaces is more clear and the corridor to the private spaces is less claustrophobic. My tutor was concerned about noise leakage to and from the dance floor and viewing areas, so I have now wrapped those spaces in a continuous wall. Also, when people move from the viewing areas to the public lobby and bar/cafe they must pass through an inhabited wall. Having two doors with a dead space inbetween further decreases noise pollution. Despite glare control being outlined as a potential issue in my review, my tutor and I agreed that including any kind of louvre or shading system would disagree aesthetically with the centre’s flat and simple look.
When working on a design, it often feels as though you’ll continue to tweak it for eternity, however eventually you have to stop making changes and start final drawings. I reached this point on Wednesday, and have been producing technical drawings for the past five days. Despite sometimes being laborious and time consuming, I enjoy technical drawing. Its precise and neat nature appeals to me, whilst it’s relatively easy too. Basically there’s not a lot of thinking involved, you just have to regurgitate the information you’ve already decided with architectural convention. I have done eleven drawings, with only one hiccup occurring when I made the railings on a site section twice as tall as they should’ve been. This problem was resolved fairly quickly though with the use of the lightbox. I still need to add people, BCI (bottom corner information), and mini-maps, and after that the drawings will be complete. With the final review on Thursday, it feels good to have got the technical drawings out of the way, as I can now focus on the more creative renders and sketches, as well as the final models.

First year is almost finished, and it has flown by! I’ll wait until after exams to write a post about the whole year though, when I have more time to properly reflect on what I’ve learnt.