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KOSMOS + Drawings = Beauty
KOSMOS are a virtual, collaborative architecture firm that are based in Basel, Moscow, Bangkok and New York. They are quite an alternative firm that apply their skills to a range of design opportunities, from “a door handle to a city”, as stated on their website. Whilst their projects are very interesting, what caught my eye about their work is the beauty of their drawings. They use a collaged, painterly aesthetic with solid, semi-realistic colours and strong edges. I really can’t do the images justice with a description, so scroll down to have a look. If only I’d found them whilst in university, I would’ve copied their style to death. You can read more about their work and see more gorgeous images by visiting their website here.
Art Drop
Image 1 of 14
Art Drop. Image by KOSMOS
EMA Space
Image 2 of 14
EMA Space. Image by KOSMOS
Nike Air Box
Image 3 of 14
Nike Air Box. Image by KOSMOS
Hidden Park
Image 4 of 14
Hidden Park. Image by KOSMOS
Thermae Urbano
Image 5 of 14
Thermae Urbano. Image by KOSMOS
Triangle Unbound
Image 6 of 14
Triangle Unbound. Image by KOSMOS
Image 7 of 14
Ray. Image by KOSMOS
Ethnography Pyramid
Image 8 of 14
Ethnography Pyramid. Image by KOSMOS
Image 9 of 14
Meander. Image by KOSMOS
Image 10 of 14
De-Fence! Image by KOSMOS
De-Fence! axonometric
Image 11 of 14
De-Fence! axonometric. Image by KOSMOS
Secret Garden in summer
Image 12 of 14
Secret Garden in summer. Image by KOSMOS
Secret Garden at night
Image 13 of 14
Secret Garden at night. Image by KOSMOS
Secret Garden in winter
Image 14 of 14
Secret Garden in winter. Image by KOSMOS