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The Korea 2018 Winter Olympics Medals: A Worthy Reward
Stop. Breathe. And take a minute out of your hectic day to enjoy the beautiful design of the 2018 Korea Winter Olympics medal. Whilst the design is aesthetically stunning, it also has a strong cultural basis that links it to the host nation. To create the medal, designer Sukwoo Lee connected letters from Korea’s 600 year old Hungal alphabet on opposite sides of a circle. The connections warp and twist to satisfy the form of the each symbol, producing a dynamic face for the medal. Necessary information is subtle, minimal and elegant. The front face contains the Olympic logo, and the back the event name and Korea games’ logo. Alongside the medal itself, the teal and red ribbon is crafted from gabsa, a fabric often used in traditional Korean Hanbok clothing. Olympians are astoundingly dedicated and hard working individuals, and this medal is a worthy reward for those who eventually triumph.
The gold medal
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The gold medal.
The bronze medal
Image 2 of 4
The bronze medal.
The silver medal
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The silver medal.
Connection of the letter forms
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Connection of the letter forms.