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Psychedelic Infrared Palm Springs By Kate Ballis
Having captured Palm Springs countless times before, Australian Photographer Kate Ballis wanted to reinvigorate her artistic spark for the location through exploration of experimental techniques. The striking colour palette seen in this series, titled Infra Realism, is the result of a range of colour filters used in conjunction with an altered Sony camera that is able to capture the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The images introduce on a new perspective on the landscape that is not normally highlighted in standard photography, the abundance of vegetation in the area. Whereas the light pinks of the paving and rock fade into the background, the bright blue hues of the plants push forwards, fighting for attention. In today's aesthetic climate of soft colours and minimal palettes, it makes a nice change to see some bright and bold work. Scroll through the photos to see some of my favourites from the series, and be sure to check out more of Kate Ballis's fantastic photography afterwards on her website. Photos by Kate Ballis